We're not just a glassware company. We're a glassware movement.

Founded in 2022 by Matteo from San Diego, California. We started with a simple mission at heart: "to help people drink better." In Glasscias, all glasses are designed with beauty AND brains, here you'll find glassware that will last a lifetime. If you're looking for glassware that's as chic as it is practical, you've come to the right place.

We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect exquisite glasses for every occasion in your life, and we believe that it's not enough just to sell you these beautiful pieces of glassware—we want to help you make the most of them, too!

Whether you're looking for wine glasses, champagne flutes, or even shot glasses (for those nights when you don't feel like drinking anything else), we've got what you need at Glasscias.