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Angel Wing Crystal Whiskey Glass

Angel Wing Crystal Whiskey Glass

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Feel the grace of the angel wing crystal whiskey glass


Material: Lead-Free Crystal Glass

Capacity: 8.9 oz / 250 ml

Height: 3.3 in / 8.5 cm

What’s Included: 1 x Glass


Let the ethereal elegance of the Angel Wing Crystal Whiskey Glass captivate you. Its wider opening cascades down to a narrowed base, echoing the graceful tapering of an angel's wing

Lifestyle Benefit

Each wing-like detail is a tactile sensation. As light interacts with the ridges, it creates a mesmerizing dance, and holding the glass feels like touching the very edges of angelic plumes

Best for Occasion

  • Girls Evening Night
  • Family Dinner Table

Who needs it

  • Name: Isabella
  • Target Audience Type: Connoisseurs of fine design and luxury experiences
  • Interests: Angelic and mythical motifs, luxury dining, curated art pieces
  • Motivations: Seeks unique, beautifully designed items that inspire conversation and admiration
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