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Black and Gold Ceramic Sake Set

Black and Gold Ceramic Sake Set

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Our black and gold sake glassware is as mysterious as the night sky


Material: Fine Ceramic

Capacity: 0.7 - 6.3 oz / 20 - 180 ml

Height: 1.6 - 5.3 in / 4 - 13.5 cm

What’s Included: 1 x Sake Pot and 4 x Sake Cups


Step into a world where elegance meets enigma with the Black and Gold Ceramic Sake Set from Glasscias. This stunning sake glassware speaks volumes of sophistication, featuring an alluring matte black finish that whispers of midnight rendezvous, contrasted by glimmers of gold that command attention without a word

Lifestyle Benefit

The sleek, mysterious design of our sake glassware sets the scene for an extraordinary drinking experience. Perfect for those who desire a touch of intrigue with their traditional Japanese drink, this set is an artwork in itself, promising to be the centerpiece of your collection

Best for Occasion

  • Japanese Fine Dining
  • Corporate Gift
  • New Home Owner

Who needs it

  • Name: Sofia
  • Audience Type: Trendsetters & Aesthetes
  • Interests: Luxury Decor, Artful Entertaining, Unique Finds
  • Motivations: To Stand Out, Embrace Uniqueness, Host with Flair
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