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Blue Wave Japanese Sake Set

Blue Wave Japanese Sake Set

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Let your soul relax on the coast with our japanese sake set


Material: Fine Ceramic

Capacity: 1.2 - 6.3 oz / 35 - 180 ml

Height: 1.6 - 5.3 in / 4 - 13.4 cm

What’s Included: 1 x Sake Pot and 4 x Sake Cups


Sip your favorite sake as if by the seaside with our Blue Wave Japanese Sake Set. The elegant dance of light blue and white hues, adorned with wind-inspired designs, evoke a sense of coastal calm and creativity, perfect for those who cherish oceanic beauty and Japanese craftsmanship

Lifestyle Benefit

The visual allure of this set transcends mere aesthetics. As the wave patterns play around the ceramic, they bring to life the dynamism of the ocean, enhancing the sensory experience of sake tasting, while the Japanese wind motifs speak to a rich heritage of design

Best for Occasion

  • Perfect for Beach Gatherings
  • Coastal Home Decor
  • Japanese Lunch by the Sea

Who needs it

  • Name: Marina
  • Audience Type: Aesthetic Appreciators & Coastal Lifestyle Enthusiasts
  • Interests: Japanese Culture, Oceanic Art, Ceramics Collection
  • Motivations: Seeking Aesthetic Beauty, Love for the Seaside, Appreciation for Craftsmanship
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