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Charlotte Gold Foil Wine Glass

Charlotte Gold Foil Wine Glass

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Drinking wine the gold way with our Charlotte's fancy wine glass


Material: Lead-Free Crystal Glass

Volume: 15.2 oz / 450 ml

Height: 9.4 in / 24 cm

Quantity: 1


The Charlotte Gold Foil Fancy Wine Glass has an uniquely textured gold stem, reminiscent of grains of sand bathed in golden light, it captures the essence of luxury in its design.

Lifestyle Benefit

he gold stem doesn't just offer a visually stunning contrast but also feels like you're holding a piece of treasured art. Its presence on any table or event immediately elevates the ambience.

Best for Occasion

  • Luxe Gala Evenings
  • Elite Dinner Gatherings
  • Gold-themed Celebrations

Who needs it

  • Name: Victoria
  • Target Audience Type: Elite Socialite
  • Interests: Gold Jewelry, Elite Gatherings, Luxury Brands
  • Motivations: Displaying opulence, appreciation for fine craft
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