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Death Grim Reaper Tankard

Death Grim Reaper Tankard

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A tankard of beer that brings you back to the medieval era


Material: Food Grade (304)Stainless Steel

Height: 6.1 in / 15.5 cm

Quantity: 1x beer mug


The Death Grim Reaper Tankard from Glasscias is a beautifully crafted piece that captures the essence of medieval mystique. Inspired by the iconic figure of the Grim Reaper, complete with winged design, this tankard of beer is a true work of art.

Lifestyle Benefit

The intricate Grim Reaper motif, combined with the tankard's classic design, creates an atmosphere of mystery and elegance. Whether used for a quiet evening at home or as a standout piece at gatherings, this tankard is sure to captivate and impress.

Best for Occasion

  • Medieval theme enthusiasts
  • Gothic-inspired gatherings
  • Collectors of unique tankards

Who needs it

  • Name: Victor
  • Target Audience Type: Lovers of Medieval Art and Gothic Themes
  • Interests: Unique Drinkware, Historical Themes, Artistic Creations
  • Motivations: Seeking Drinkware That Tells a Story and Inspires
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