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Double Wall Bubbly Bliss Champagne Flutes

Double Wall Bubbly Bliss Champagne Flutes

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Reinventing champagne toast with double wall elegance


Material: Lead-Free Borosilicate Glass

Capacity: 3.7 oz / 110 ml

Height: 7.6 in / 19.2 cm

Quantity: 1


The Double Wall Bubbly Bliss Champagne Flutes are a clear departure from tradition. As you lift this flute, the double-wall design stands out, taking on the essence of a futuristic tube. The bubbles inside dance between the walls.

Lifestyle Benefit

The cylindrical shape adds a touch of modernity while providing an enhanced grip. Whether it's the fizziness of the drink or the brilliance of the design, this double-wall wine glass ensures that every occasion remains memorable

Best for Occasion

  • Modern-themed parties
  • Contemporary weddings
  • Minimalist gatherings

Who needs it

  • Name: Leon
  • Target Audience: Young professionals and design enthusiasts
  • Interests: Modern art, architectural design, cutting-edge innovations
  • Motivations: Standing out in a crowd, leading in design trends
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