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Elegant Elixirs Beveled Champagne Glass

Elegant Elixirs Beveled Champagne Glass

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Our gold champagne wine glasses is all about shine, glam, and shimmer


Height: 10.2" / 26cm

Volume: 8.2oz / 240ml

Quantity: 1pc

Material: Food Grade (304) Stainless Steel


Imagine being at the center of an elegant affair, holding a glass that gleams as brilliantly as the golden aura of the evening. That's the charm of our Elegant Elixirs Beveled Champagne Glass. Its full gold color, from top to bottom, not only stands out but also complements every celebratory setting.

Lifestyle Benefit

The glass's unique slanted top adds a modern twist to its timeless appeal, ensuring each sip feels both familiar and novel. Ideal for those moments when you want your drinkware to impress.

Best for Occasion

  • Golden anniversary celebrations
  • Intimate gold-themed dinners
  • Elite award ceremonies

Who needs it

  • Name: Charles
  • Target Audience Type: Luxury Event Organizer
  • Interests: Opulent events, gourmet gold-themed cuisines, luxury brands
  • Motivations: Offering the most luxurious experiences and being known for his impeccable taste
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