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Gold Rim Grid Whiskey Glass

Gold Rim Grid Whiskey Glass

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Our gold rim old fashioned glasses resemble the entryway to aspirational luxury


Material: Lead-Free Crystal Glass

Capacity: 8.8 oz / 250 ml

Height: 3.7 in / 9.5 cm

What’s Included: 1 x Glass


Immerse yourself in the realm of sublime elegance with the gold rim old fashioned glass, a symbol of distinction and discerning taste. Designed for those who recognize true luxury, these gold rim old fashioned glasses exemplify impeccable craftsmanship. The artful grid pattern, accentuated by the lustrous gold rim, adds a captivating allure to your cherished sipping moments.

Lifestyle Benefit

Each detail of these gold rim old fashioned glasses has been crafted to elevate your whiskey experience. The compelling square grid on the surface, outlined in radiant gold, brings a new layer of refinement to your drink. Admire the play of light through the structured cuts as you indulge in the richness of your favorite whiskey, making every occasion exceptionally memorable.

Best for Occasion

  • Homebar Collection
  • Exclusive Gathering

Who needs it

  • Name: Jordan
  • Target Audience Type: Connoisseur of the finest things in life
  • Interest: Passion for exclusive collections and celebrating grand occasions
  • Motivation: The desire to surround himself with items that reflect his stature
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