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"Hope You Get Rich" Decanter

"Hope You Get Rich" Decanter

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A blessing from Chai Sen Ye to hope you get rich


Material: Lead-Free Crystal Glass

What's Included: 1 x Decanter


Starting the Lunar New Year with a symbol of prosperity is a cherished tradition. The "Hope You Get Rich" Decanter by Glasscias captures the essence of this sentiment, designed in the likeness of Chai Sen Ye, the Chinese God of Fortune

Lifestyle Benefit

This beautifully crafted decanter is a ressemblance of hope, wealth, and good luck. Gifting it is akin to bestowing good fortune and success upon the receiver, making it a treasured piece for any home, especially around the Chinese New Year.

Best for Occasion

  • Lunar New Year celebrations
  • Traditional Chinese events
  • Chinese Family reunion dinners

Who needs it

  • Name: Li Wei
  • Target Audience Type: Individuals who celebrate Chinese traditions
  • Interests: Gifting, cultural symbols, Lunar New Year celebrations
  • Motivations: To bestow blessings, uphold traditions, gift meaningful items
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