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Italian Meteor Art Rocking Whiskey Glass

Italian Meteor Art Rocking Whiskey Glass

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A symphony of color and texture in handcrafted colored whiskey glass


Material: Lead-Free Crystal Glass

Capacity: 9.7 oz / 275 ml

Height: 3.3 in / 8.5 cm

What's Included: 1 x Rocking Glass and 1 x Wood Coaster


Born from the mystical tales of meteor showers gracing the Italian skies, the Italian Meteor Art Rocking Whiskey Glass brings that celestial beauty to your hands. As legends tell of meteors illuminating the night with a myriad of colors, this glass captures that very essence, melding it with Italy's artistry

Lifestyle Benefit

The tactile sensation of the glacier line adds a deliberate touch of art, making you to feel and connect with the glass. As it rocks gently, the vibrant colors dance, mirroring the playfulness of Italian festivities and the allure of meteor showers

Best for Occasion

  • Toasting to life's achievements
  • Celebrating a special moment
  • Unwinding after a long day

Who needs it

  • Name: Maria
  • Target Audience Type: Aesthetics aficionado in her late 20s
  • Interests: Italian culture, astronomy, and unique sensory experiences
  • Motivations: Desires products that are a fusion of art, story, and function
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