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Kikori Whiskey Glass

Kikori Whiskey Glass

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Kikori whiskey glass with golden rim shows how gold mingles with woodsy elegance


Material: Lead-Free Crystal Glass

Capacity: 9.5 oz / 280 ml

Height: 3.9 in / 10 cm

What’s Included: 1 x Whiskey Glass


In the tranquil forests of Japan, where whispers of ancient tales float in the breeze, the Kikori Whiskey Glass with golden rim is born. This exceptional glass, reminiscent of rugged tree bark, carries the spirit and elegance of the woodsman it is named after.

Lifestyle Benefit

Crafted with precision, this whiskey glass reflects the rugged charm of tree bark, capturing the essence of the woodsman, or "kikori" in Japanese. The detailed design offers a captivating visual delight, enhancing each moment with a blend of tradition and modern luxury.

Best for Occasion

  • Japanese-themed gatherings
  • Elegant dinner gatherings
  • Celebratory toasts

Who needs it

  • Name: Yuto
  • Target Audience Type: Whiskey aficionados who value luxury and tradition
  • Interests: Whiskey tasting, Japanese culture, elegant events
  • Motivations: Seeking quality and aesthetically pleasing whiskey glassware
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