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Melodious Ribbed Wine Glasses

Melodious Ribbed Wine Glasses

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Ribbed texture and clear modern beauty of our ribbed wine glasses


Material: Lead-Free Crystal Glass

Capacity: 7.8-22.5 oz / 230-665 ml

Height: 9-9.76 in / 23-24.8 cm

What's Included: 1 x Bordeaux/Burgundy/White Wine/Champagne Glass


When you hold the Melodious Ribbed Wine Glasses, you can feel a combination of sleek design and clear elegance. It is a kind of feeling you'll get from modern aesthetics.

Lifestyle Benefit

The vertical ribbed texture amplifies the wine's play with light, offering a dazzling display with each tilt and turn. The design brings a tactile pleasure, ensuring that each glass feels as good as it looks, providing a multi-sensory wine experience

Best for Occasion

  • Elevates casual dinner aesthetics
  • Complements minimalist table settings
  • Ideal with contemporary decors

Who needs it

  • Name: Martin
  • Target Audience Type: Modern urban dwellers, contemporary interior enthusiasts
  • Interests: Sleek designs, urban aesthetics, minimalist art
  • Motivations: Staying updated with trends, hosting stylish gatherings
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Customer Reviews

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Alda Kutch

I found that the ripple on these were varying in quality, with some appearing a lot smoother. One glass unfortunately arrived broken but I contacted the seller and had it resolved.

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