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Serene Soirée Diamond Wine Glasses

Serene Soirée Diamond Wine Glasses

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Diamond wine glasses in mediteranian pattern


Material: Lead-Free Crystal Glass

Capacity: 9.1 oz / 270 ml

Height: 8.4 in / 21.3 cm

Quantity: 1 or 6


Each sip from the Serene Soirée Diamond Wine Glasses transports you to a Mediterranean coast. The sun-kissed landscapes, the vibrant cultures, and the age-old traditions all come alive in the palm of your hand. Inspired by Mediterranean aesthetics, the diamond maximalism pattern is more than a design

Lifestyle Benefit

The intricate diamond patterns shimmer against the liquid gold inside, reflecting both the warmth of the Mediterranean sun and the depth of its history. The unique stem, on the other hand, adds a modern twist, balancing tradition with contemporary flair

Best for Occasion

  • Mediterranean-themed parties
  • Coastal weddings
  • Vintage-inspired gatherings

Who needs it

  • Name: Sophia
  • Target Audience: Art and travel enthusiasts
  • Interests: Mediterranean art, cultural experiences, vintage collections
  • Motivations: Combining modern design with historical and cultural elements.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Destiny Zieme

The glasses came in excellent condition, very well received, excellent quality, recommend the seller, thank you!

Shawna Gulgowski

The glasses are very beautiful, but the volume is far from 250 ml as stated, rather even less than 200 ml

Emely Corkery

Incredible beauty glasses! If it was possible to put 10 stars-I would definitely put it! Recommend!

Enos Weissnat

The cup is very thick and classy. I'm looking forward to using it when my friends come

Lora Armstrong

very good

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