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Shell Gold Sakazuki Cup

Shell Gold Sakazuki Cup

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Our golden saki cups is inspired by the beautiful shell textures


Material: Fine Ceramic

Capacity: 2.6 oz / 75 ml

Height: 1.5 in / 3.7 cm

What’s Included: 1 x Sake Bowl


Step into a world of exclusivity with the Shell Gold Sakazuki Cup from Glasscias. The saki cups unique shell-like texture is not just visually stunning but also adds a tactile dimension to your saki experience.

Lifestyle Benefit

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the textured surface of this saki cup enhances the grip, making each sip a comfortable and engaging experience.

Best for Occasion

  • Unique home barware collection
  • Japanese celebrations night
  • Japanese art collections

Who needs it

  • Name: Yuki
  • Audience Type: Luxury Lifestyle Enthusiasts & Art Collectors
  • Interests: High-end Glassware, Unique Textures, Artistic Design
  • Motivations: To Own Distinctive and Luxurious Items
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