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Sommelier's Wine Glasses

Sommelier's Wine Glasses

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Discover the modern appeal of sommelier wine glasses


Material: Lead-Free Crystal Glass

Capacity: 6.76 - 18.59 oz / 200 - 550 ml

Height: 9.09 - 9.21 in / 23.1 - 23.4 cm

What's Included: 1 x Red/White/Champagne Glass


At a chic rooftop lounge in downtown Paris, a group of close friends gather to catch up on old times. The setting sun paints the skyline with hues of pink and gold. Laughter and chatter fill the air, but what truly steals the show are the stunning sommelier wine glasses, cradling the evening's choice wines. The unique design, with its concave bottom and convex top, doesn't just stand out, it tells a tale. A tale of tradition meeting innovation, where the age-old love for wine blends seamlessly with the modern thirst for style

Lifestyle Benefit

With every sip from the Sommelier's Wine Glasses, you're indulging in an experience crafted by design. The lower bowl's inward curve, a nod to traditional wine-tasting aesthetics, enhances the wine's bouquet, allowing every aromatic note to be amplified. As your lips approach the rim, the outward curve of the upper bowl accentuates the wine's palate, delivering a symphony of flavors to your taste buds. But it's not just about taste. The striking balance between concave and convex design becomes a conversation starter, turning every gathering into an occasion to remember

Best for Occasion

  • Gourmet picnics
  • Celebratory toasts

Who needs it

  • Name: Vincent
  • Target Audience Type: Wine Enthusiasts
  • Interests: Wine tasting, gourmet dining, interior design
  • Motivations: To experience the best in wine and design
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