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The Starry Night Whiskey Glass

The Starry Night Whiskey Glass

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The Starry Night comes alive in handcrafted art deco old fashioned glass


Material: Lead-Free Crystal Glass

Capacity: 9.8 oz / 290 ml

Height: 3.7 in / 9.4 cm

What’s Included: 1 x Whiskey Glass


The moment you set eyes on our art deco old fashioned glass, a narrative unfolds. In a dimly lit room, surrounded by hushed conversations, a true connoisseur introduces this glass to friends. Their reactions are unanimous - astonishment. Not just because it holds their favorite whiskey, but due to its surface echoing the brilliant swirls and vibrant patterns of "The Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh. It's more than just a glass; it's a rendezvous with art and history.

Lifestyle Benefit

The detailed patterns on the glass surface don't just add visual charm, they accentuate the whiskey's rich colors, allowing its deep amber hues to playfully dance with Van Gogh's iconic strokes. Moreover, the design complements the aroma, enhancing the olfactory experience before the first sip. This glass isn't merely about drinking; it's about celebrating the fusion of art and the rich heritage of whiskey, making every occasion a touch more memorable.

Best for Occasion

  • Poetry readings under starry skies
  • Candle-lit reminiscing of art travels

Who needs it

  • Name: Andrew
  • Target Audience Type: Art enthusiasts and collectors
  • Interests: Art gallery visits, antique collecting, whiskey tasting sessions
  • Motivations: Seeking a blend of classic art with modern functionality.
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