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Turquoise Tipple

Turquoise Tipple

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A harmonious blend of sea and sky in our gradient blue wine glasses


Material: Lead-Free Crystal Glass

Whats Included: 1x


The Turquoise Tipple wine glass paints a picture of tranquility. As you hold this blue wine glasses, you're instantly transported to a serene beach where the clear sky meets the deep blue sea. The gentle gradient, transitioning from transparent at the top to a beautiful blue at the bottom, mirrors the beauty of a calm horizon.

Lifestyle Benefit

Designed with utmost precision, the color gradient on this glass captures the essence of a soft seascape. Whether you're a lover of the sea or simply appreciate elegant aesthetics, this glass is a visual treat that elevates your drinking experience.

Best for Occasion

  • Coastal brunches
  • Romantic seaside dates
  • Poolside parties

Who needs it

  • Name: Belin
  • Target Audience Type: Serenity Seeker & Aesthetic Enthusiast
  • Interests: Beach vacations, tranquil moments, artful table settings
  • Motivations: Adding elegance to her collection, savoring peaceful moments
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