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Wicker Silver Sake Bowl

Wicker Silver Sake Bowl

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An artistic expression through colors of this sake bowl


Material: Fine Ceramic

Capacity: 2.6 oz / 75 ml

Height: 1.4 in / 3.5 cm

What’s Included: 1 x Sake Bowl


Embrace the intricate beauty and exclusive design of the Wicker Silver Sake Bowl from Glasscias. This exceptional sake bowl captivates with its internal full silver color, adorned with delicate silver leaf motifs, while the external light and dark blue leaf-like patterns offer a serene contrast, creating an overall mesmerizing piece

Lifestyle Benefit

This sake bowl is a representation of artistic expression and finesse. The dual-toned design reflects a harmony of color and texture, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail and the passion infused in every stroke and curve

Best for Occasion

  • Japanese dining or drinking setting
  • Modern sake ceremony
  • Japanese house decor

Who needs it

  • Name: Sato
  • Audience Type: Art Collectors & Sake Aficionados
  • Interests: Unique Ceramics, Artisanal Craft, Elegant Design
  • Motivations: Desire for Distinctive Art Pieces, Appreciation of Fine Details
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