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Yggdrasil Totems Tankard

Yggdrasil Totems Tankard

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Our medieval tankard is a representation of norse mythology tree of life


Material: Food Grade (304)Stainless Steel

Capacity: 21.98 oz / 650 ml

Height: 5.7 in / 14.5 cm

Quantity: 1x beer mug


Perfect for those who appreciate the lore and mystery of Norse mythology. Inspired by the golden tree of life, Yggdrasil, this medieval tankard is a piece of art that embodies engaging and lively storytelling.

Lifestyle Benefit

This tankard, with its unique and meaningful design, brings the mystical world of the Norse gods into your hands. It's an ideal choice for gatherings where the aesthetic appeal and 'wow factor' of the drinkware can add to the ambiance.

Best for Occasion

  • Perfect for Norse mythology-themed events
  • Great for enhancing medieval party atmospheres
  • Ideal for those captivated by mythical stories

Who needs it

  • Name: Erik
  • Target Audience Type: Mythology Buffs and Medieval Collectors
  • Interests: Norse Legends, Unique Tankards, Themed Gatherings
  • Motivations: Desire to Immerse in Mythological Themes and Aesthetics
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